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YouTube and quarter speed


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  • Baller_

@Rico. You seem to know alot on the ins and outs of YouTube.

Why do some vids posted on BOS play on the IPhone and others do not?? Will that change anytime soon? Is there an ability to slow vids down on the IPhone? Will there be?


Last question... Want to pull small clips out of several YouTube videos and edit them into a separate video for a project. Is there a way to do this? Is there a software needed? I have Ulead video editing software (latest version or close)

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  • Baller

@wish some videos are disabled on mobile devices this is done by the person that is uploading the video and that may be what you're seeing. I don't know about slowing vids on an iphone.


you can use realplayer to download videos and then edit them.

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