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Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne


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Ok, lpskier, I'll bite.


I'm no Latin scholar (not even remotely close -- took 2 years in high school 20 years ago), but I thought with a little help from the internet I'd quickly be able to translate that.


No such luck. Google translate botches the snot out of it, and none of the alternates seem to make any sense.


About the best I can hack together that sort of makes sense is:


If one does not bleed, one does not play.


Sort of a no-pain-no-gain thing?


But that's a big stretch that is largely invented from context, as opposed to literally using the grammar and words.


So what DOES it mean?


Edit: Here's one more shot:


If there is no blood, then there is no game.


And that might be phrased in English more like "It's not a game until somebody bleeds."


Wonder if I'm getting closer or further away?

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