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The cost of boat repair and service


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  • Baller_

Just thought I would pass on a little information to all that service and repair their own boats and even those that have local shops do their service.

I Just received my 2012 PleasureCraft Marine parts price lists, I was shocked to see how much the parts had gone up over previous years. Keep in mind that PCM has done their very best to keep their prices down over the years and keep their price increases minimal but eventually the big one must happen.

So if you go into your local shop and find that your $39 impeller has no gone to near $50.00 you know why.

Indmar does not have their new dealer web site up yet so I do not know what kind of increases they have but I am sure they plan on keeping up with the Jones's!

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Parts pro-East tx I need a sending unit for my 93 PS 205, sick of running out of gas and having friends paddle us in with there own ski! Wheres the cheapest place to order one? The tank is coming out to install a new Bennet trim tab so its time.
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