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If you only read the front page once a month - today is the day.


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Excellent letter, Joe. Great thoughts, simply put, well reasoned, and even toned. Other than that, it was outstanding. Ken White was right again when he warned of "diluting" our sport, slowly dissolving from lack of focus, and carrying the load for other disciplines when we have nothing in common except water.


But odds are home office ain't listening because it takes a whole lot of elbow grease, pain, blood, sweat, and money to break away. Status quo is easier to maintain while paying the rent. The BOS crowd seems to concur with the break, but that is much too anecdotal for a mutiny. How best, do you think, to sample our 9,000 members and present demands, threatening secession?


Thanks again for the countless, volunteer hours, Joe, that you and lots of other good folks put into our sport. It is much appreciated.

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