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binding placement and how it feels for you at your level


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So, after a few years with my bindings back of stock, I tried to put them to the stock setting.

For me, the ski was less responsive and harder to handle. Everything felt more difficulty and it felt harder to apply technique in the transition, pre/turn and turn especially. I usually don't miss -35 @ 34

Where do you run yours and why?

Have you tried binding placements and what are your results?

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  • Baller_
That's a wide open question. But a good one to open up a bunch of different perspectives. After testing a bunch of skies this past summer, I have come to the conclusion that the same boot move off stock on different skies can yield very different results. I think there is a general school of thought as to what a forward placement would do as vs what a back directional placement would do. Nick Parsons gave me a little schooling on boot placement and what I took away for setting up boots is to leave your fin stock, or where it's at if your tying new boots, and try them at stock, then forward, and back from stock and asses your liking. Then tackle the fin. If done the other way around, your fin setting my just be compensating for poor (or not working for your style) boot placement. Boots first, fin second.
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