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EZ Slalom courses rule!


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I got my EZ Slalom compact last night, and woke my lovely bride up at first light to pop it in the lake. Mind you, I have an insta as well, so call it cheating, but I've got a ton of experience putting these in. Due to time constraints, I agreed to just set it up as a 4 ball. 15min in and just over 10 out!! It also fits nicely behind the driver's seat of our 190, with the shorter arms. Our insta is a nice course, and I'll never bash them, but Ed's system is quite a bit nicer IMO. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of materials used - from the PVC, to clips, etc. If there are any ballers in the Eau Claire, northern WI area that want to come and check it out, let me know and we'll do some skiing.
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