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A Question of Larger Courses(8 ball, 12 ball)


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Given as the olympics are on right now, I was watching the swimming, and considering how for a 100 meter race a swimmer will swim 10K plus in a day for 6 days a week to become conditioned. My question is has anyone tried this in slalom, by perhaps running a 12 bouy course? The 8 bouy has seemed to me to be a space management move more than running a full 8..correct me if im wrong. Now i know this is all limited to the size of lake, but considering you could build the lake bigger, what are the thoughts on this? Another question is also if this is just a mute point in that if you want to condition more and get better consistency you just run back to backs or ski more...but its a question I'd love some input on.



Edit -


I didnt realize there was a thread just started on the 8 ball course along the same line. Sorry for the repitition of ideas.

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This is one of the reasons I always start the season on open water. Initially the only thing I really care about is building a base of strength and endurance so that I can train effectively when I do get into the course. Sequences of 8, 10, or maybe even 12 pulls are standard.


I don't know that having 8+ actual buoys would be very helpful, though. Once in the course I do like you say and do a lot of repeats of easier passes.

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