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Jobe Rogue Review Part 1


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I got a few rides on a Jobe Rogue a month ago and then sent that ski back. It is a long story but basically I liked that ski but it was not really in spec. I ran 5 @ 38 on it so clearly it was a good ski but since it was not a ski that a consumer would get I sent it back. I guess as a ski reviewer who does not pay for skis this is going to happen. If I was a paying customer it would not have happened.


A new ski showed up late last week and I got my first ride on it today. Unfortunately today is the only day I will get on it until I finish my review of another ski. That is the way the calendar falls and is out of my control.


So I mounted up the new Jobe as per Wayne Bryant who designed the ski. I run 3 at 3 @ 38 which is normal for the last few weeks. There is something about the finish of the off side that is different. I am not saying it is bad but it is different. I need a number of rides to understand.


Second set I took off the wing and ran 28 as well as I can, 32 easy as pie, two 35s pretty good and then to my shock I crushed a 38. I goofed my gate at 39 and ran inside 1 ball but this ski is for real.


I am going to suspend my review for a few weeks but for now I have to say if you are looking for a real high end design for only $999.99 take a look at https://usa.jobesports.com/slalom-skis/rogue/


A full review will be published when I can.

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The Rogue is basically a hybrid concave whereas the encore is edge to edge concave. It is $100 demo fee for the Rogue plus you pay shipping both ways. If you like it, then you have 30 days to buy it so you wouldn't have to pay the demo fee as it would apply to the purchase. I chose not to try it, because if you do not like it you're out of $100 dollars plus shipping and no other skis to try. But if you do RBYB, you can try other ski brands.
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