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New Liners for Rs-1 or new bindings


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Hello Ballers,


I am looking for your opinion as I feel somewhat stuck on this descision.


I have been riding RS-1's for a few years, and they have been good. My liners are pretty much done, a couple of seams are busted and part of the liner is tearing away on the inside.


My only concern with them has been their weight, on the sequence plate they feel very heavy.


So I was thinking that because new liners are 150$, i could try some new bindings to see how they work out. Maybe powershells or?


Am I crazy? will I find different bindings to be much lighter than my current rs-1's on the sequence plate?


should I even be worried about it?


BTW Im running 15 off at 32mph and taking stabs at 34mph.

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Thanks for the reply, Yah the comfort of my rs-1's is making it really hard to jsutify changing bindings. Ill just order the new liners and stop worrying about it.


As a side note does anyone know the factory binding location for a 69" 2012 senate C? Or if the marked hole on older sequence plate is still considered factory?


I placed the bindings one half hole forward like I had them on my older senate and it seems to be riding well.


Thanks again


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