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Places to ski / people to ski with over the winter


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I'm trying to get back into skiing more often after doing relatively little of it over the past several years. Here in northern IL the season is pretty much May thru September unless you're really hard core. Then you might see April into October.


Just wondering if there are any places in the south that are good for winter skiing, particularly where it's easy to connect with other people who are up for giving pulls for gas $$$ or just want to share the fun. Not necessarily on a course, just plain old free skiing is fine. Any kind of gatherings or places to just show up that are good? A lot of the people I ski with here are busy or long gone due to pregnancy, divorce, moving away, etc. (you know how life goes) and they probably wouldn't make the trip anyway. I might be willing to drag my boat down as well if it looks promising.


Also always looking for people/spotters to ski with here in northern Illinois. I'm 10 minutes from Port Barrington on the lower Fox.


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