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Problem with power on 04 RLXi


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We went to the lake about 2 weeks ago and couldnt get the engine to start. It was turning over but not firing up. Took it to the MC dealership and they said it needed a new coil. They put in a new coil, new impeller, new fuel pump. They took it out to water test it and left the lights on for 48 hours so when we picked it up we had no battery power. After finding someone at the lake to give us a jump we drove out to the course and after while I was skiing at 36 22 the boat just dropped to about 24 while I was in the course. My dad dropped me and ran up and down the lake could not get the boat above about 25. He said it felt very weak pulling me up and on the way in to the course out of the no wake zone, in gear it felt weak and in reverse it felt extremly weak. So my question is what could the issue be? Did we not need that new coil?
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