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I'm looking for a little insight here. My wife and I would like to become 3-event skiers and are at the point where we need to add jump. I recently picked up a pair of 72" Connelly HC 800 skis for her for a steal. Now i'm looking for myself but can't seem to get a consensus answer on what size to get. I'm 5'10" and about 195lbs. I've been told anything from 72" to 84".


If I'm just looking at starting out, what size is recommended?



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Or do the college student way. Top speed at the ramp with never riding double skis before. :) Just kidding, good coaching is the way to go.


Dirt told me about his jumping experience with @horton giving signals on a jump ride in college. It was pat the top of his head while saying come back to the dock before you die. Got a good laugh out of that one.

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