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EZFintool End Of The Season Special For Ballers


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Because of the great response last year, I'm repeating the special pricing for ballers! BOS readers can get a EZFintool for $35 including shipping, a $5 savings.

If you have trouble getting repeteable DFT measurements, the EZFT is for you. Don't like to measure depth, because you have to remove the wing, EZFT is for you. The EZFT and your caliper is the only way that you can take all three measurements, accurately, in less than a minute. If you haven't seen one, you can check it out at ezfintool.com.

The special is not available on the website, just go to paypal.com and send the $35 to admin@vidkingdom.com or you can send me a check, email me at ezfintool@yahoo.com for my mailing address. They make great Christmas gifts for your ski buddies!

Thanks, Terry

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  • Baller

Note, each ski's tail surface is different, so the EZFinTool's delta will differ from ski to ski. No worries, though. Just measure the DFT the normal way, and with the EZFinTool and make note of the difference. Do this a couple of times to make sure you get it right. Then, you can just use the method @h2oski describes above but with your difference. My 2011 Strada is .068 - fyi.


I love the depth measurement - so easy. DFT is quick, too! Great tool for the slalom tool box.

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