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You wait all summer and two come along at once!


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Ran my first 12m (35off) at the beginning of the season and was well chuffed - spent all summer swimming mid 12m.

Yesterday ran 2 x 12 in different sets AND have them on video.

Much appreciation and thanks go to @sethski for his distance video coaching. Started sending him video about 2 years ago when I could run 16 most times, 14 occasionally and 13 once in my life. Suggested at that time that my goal was to get through 12m : he said he thought it was possible (looking at those early vids - he was stretching his neck out a bit and probably being polite)

I have obsessionally followed his advice (trailing arm convert) and here it is.

Haven't asked him if he reckons 11m is possible! - reckon there is a lot more work at 13m through the winter yet before I start bouy chasing.


If you do watch this - please accept my apologies in advance for the gratuitous "fist" throwing - I was pretty pleased at the time but it looks a bit lame on the video. Is there an accepted sign of slalom ecstasy? - perhaps just a bow of the head a for job well done?




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Thanks guys, really appreciate the comments - the focus of the training has really been the "feel" of the pass and tweaking the small things (in me , not the ski) in order to put together some consistency without pain. Lots of free skiing to really work on the stack and being in control of the acceleration and not worrying about not making passes. There is still so much to do but at least now I can feel when it's right or wrong. Oh yes and video everything.

@Texas6 - this is the link to @sethski video coaching web page :


I actually can't remember how much he charged me as I paid a package rate for the year.

I send him videos and my personal appraisal and he will either send a video appraisal back or email or both., we then communicate to ensure the informations is understood. I can absolutely recommend it - he is always able to point out the things that make the biggest difference and is very patient when I just don't get it! He will explain things in different ways, if necessary, until we can see the required change on the videos.

@MrJones - there are still guys here wearing shorties, I'm a bit of big girls blouse when it comes to the cold! - don't mind the cold, just don't like to feel it! (Muscles need to be warm to work efficiently and not tear - that's my line anyway)

Aim to ski thro the winter as long as the ice doesn't get too thick.

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