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2012 A2 fin settings


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Stock for a 66.5 is basically:




8 wing

29.5 boots


All +/- .005 but I would stay within that range. I Have a few years on the syndicate skis and none have responded that well to big swings in fin movement.


I am at 29 5/8 to 3/4 with my front boot, also couldn't go more than .5 a degree on the wing without the shi acting erratically. I am not an expert skier, into -35 at 34.2.


Hope this helps


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Will Asher’s Recommended Syndicate A2 Fin Settings:


Length: 6.845 (Tips)

Depth: 2.505

Distance from Tail: 0.780

Wing Angle: 8°



Recommended Syndicate A2 Boot Locations per Size:

(*Note- Center hole boot location on all HO boots equals Recommended Boot Location)


64.5” A2: 28.5”

65.5” A2: 29”

66.5” A2: 29.5”

67.5” A2: 30”


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@Glydon have you tried those numbers? Those are very standard fin numbers you could put on many skis and thy will work just fine, fine tune from there for your skiing.


I skied the A2 for a few years in 66.5, excellent ski but found those numbers perfect. Couldn’t deviate much from factory. I went a littler further back with my boots.


Just googled it and you posted the same thread a few years back. These numbers look weird for a 65: Try both and report back



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