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@scotchapman, I bought @edjohnson's old Wide Ride a few years ago when they just were coming out, and I was around 230-ish, and skiing on my 67"9500, and was running mid-38 on both, but more consistent on the 9500. Starts were super easy on the WR though, and a bear on the 9500. I think Ed said something that it was some experimental flex for some pro or top skier or something. It was very hard to keep the tip down and I was very inconsistent on it. I didn't have a flex tester yet, so not sure if it was just too stiff or what. Tried lots of fin and binding moves and never found consistency. I thought about getting a factory fresh one and giving it a go, then added a few more pounds and went up to a longer ski, with mixed results. Mapple 6.1 looking like a Spring purchase for me, even though Butterfield is skiing on one.
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