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Anyone Interested in Renting our House for Nationals


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So pretty preliminary here, not even 100% sure if I will be allowed to do this, but I want to get a feel if there is any interest before I get to convincing the wife!


I live at SMRR the site of 2014 nationals. I have a house on the Jump lake right in the middle so you can clearly see both Jumps from the back porch. 5 Bedroom/3.5 Bathroom house with 3 beds and some air beds Two of the bedrooms are suites. Rental would include use of the house and everything in it, and a golf cart. We would then go on vacation for the week.


The house itself is really nice, 3300 sq ft, 10 ft TV for after the skiing, nice back porch for watching or partying after a days skiing and best of all it's right here so you don't have to drive and you can easily invite friends over to keep cool and have a few drinks ;)


Please contact me for info on pricing or any offers you might have. It won't be "cheap" but it will be a lot nicer then having to drive 10++ minutes to a hotel or haul your RV half way across the country.




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