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Stealth Gatormod "production" run


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A number of ballers have asked me to make mods for their Stealths. I've made enough now that making them is really boring, and I don't have time to mess with them and work on the Powershell mod.


So, I'm turning the design over to a machine shop in town. The more they make in one run, the less set up they are going to charge me.


Reason for the post: Are there any ballers out there who want to buy a Stealth mod, cost about $160, who HAVE NOT YET contacted me? BTW, whatever I charge will be the cost to me. I'm not trying to make money off these.


If you HAVE contacted me, drop me a pm and let me know the $160 is ok with you.


Or, if you have access to a machine shop (band saw, mill, drill press and dremel tool are all you need), keep in mind prints are available.


@HOrton, if using BOS this way is not in your designs for the site let me know.

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