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Thanks Wade!


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I've been skiing with Wade Cox since I was 6 years old. I remember my dad pulled me through the mini course on two skis in the afternoons after both my parents had completed their sets with Wade. While my parents were out skiing I'd jump on the trampoline with Wade's kids, AnneMarie and Davis, and play with his dogs, Nick and Bear.

Since then my skiing has improved quite a bit— I live on a lake in Northern Michigan and ski all summer long. Now when my family comes down to see Wade once a year he coaches all of us. While we're in the boat we get the full Wade Cox experience. Wade does't just coach; he tells animated stories about traveling around the country for clinics, stories of his Pro Tour days, and best of all the stories of his gator encounters.

Skiing with Wade isn't just about the skiing— it's about having an awesome time. After coming down to see Wade for over ten years I just want to say thanks for all the world class coaching and amazing memories.

For more info on Wade and his ski school see the Ball of Spray article The Return of Wade Cox or contact him directly at skiwithwade@gmail.com

1d340e650c7089b2ccc17ae64b4063.jpg Image - My little brother Isaac, Wade, and me (4.3.2014)

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Hey wat up Noah,Isaac, and Nancy its Rick i met u guys on Thursday when i came out to ski. it was great meeting you its sounds like you had a great time but then of course you would.hope alls well back home take care maybe we will meet again!!!
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