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The ice can go any time now


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Brought it home today. Not most of you guys idea of a ski tug, but a VTX with the diamond hull is a big step up from my Bayliner






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A on/off topic, but Ice-Out is a contest back on Lake Winnipesaukee, which is a large

lake in NH. Looks like this year will at least fall around the middle of the spectrum,

which extends from March 23, 2012 to May 12, 1888. Normally mid-April sometime.


Back when skiing at "Ultra Pond" in Springfield, NH, we maybe got to ski early April,

but there was one year when Sunapee Harbor on the Lake didn't lose its ice until

Memorial Day weekend. For Winnipesaukee ice-out, see:




That contest closed in February. Today is the closing day for my home ski area Gunstock,

but not because of lack of snow, just lack of customers.


I'm sure that it has been a long-long winter in Northern US for water skiers. Send your

thanks to Al Gore.


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