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Portland Oregon?

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I'm probably going to be visiting Portland within the next month or so. The main point of it is for me to get to know some of the engineers in that office, so stuff outside the office is probably more important than in. One thing I'm giving a little consideration to is getting in some skiing while there. I know at least one guy at that office is into skiing (his wife even more so), but they are open water skiers. I have a feeling they would really enjoy seeing some slalom -- and I'm pretty darn sure that I would enjoy DOING some slalom. :)


I feel even more guilty than usual to potentially invite myself AND others, but I guess I thought I'd take a stab anyhow.


Anybody see a potential fit?

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@Than_Bogan‌ all the options posted by others are good choices. It just depends where you are staying, meeting location(s) and how much time you have. We are 7 miles upriver of the airport. Mornings and evenings are smooth unless it is windy which we are getting better at predicting. We have no course. Let us know if you want to grab a rip!
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