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Midnight Run


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Not a great photo (iPhone) but its a full moon and the water has barely a ripple. Thinking about trying to talk the wife into a midnight ski set on this ole public lake.


Reminds me of a similar night in 1989. Pulled a buddy through a bunch of ducks about 10:00 one night by the light of the moon. We were in high school and using my uncles CC. As luck would have it he was hanging out at a friends in the same slough. Busted... Actually, he thought is was funny.


I'm sure you have similar stories. Let's hear it.




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We used to midnight barefoot for a week straight at @razorskier1's place with multiples behind the boat. We did runs with multiple guys where we went the entire circumference of what must be a 900 acre lake or so. I remember gripping and regripping as the handle would start to slide and the other guys are still standing. No way I was going down before Tim or Gus!


We have infrared video of 4 guys behind each of 2 boats as well running right next to one another. The other boat lost some guys eventually and dropped...the boat Jim, Pat, one other dude(memory failing) and I were behind had a really long run with body slides on the corners for the outside guys. With as many guys as we were putting behind the boat we had to step off to keep separated and Jim bought a killer ba-zillion candle power flashlight to help find the skis...we would all try to step simultaneously. Eventually we pulled a 4 man deep (daytime) and did a 6 man barefoot line(daytime). Tried 8 guys but the pylon mount failed and the center spline of the prop stripped at basically the same time...double failure.


It's pretty cool at night...a real sensation of speed. As we have aged this has tapered off for sure...the pinnacle around 2000-2002.

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