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I just bought a GoPro4 Black on AMEX points and am wondering what kind of accessories you recommend for cool waterski stills and video's ?


This is what I already bought;


Dual Battery Charger + Battery

SanDisk Extreme® 64GB microSDXC™

Floaty Backdoor

Anti-Fog Inserts

Chesty (Chest Harness)

Surfboard Mounts

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  • Baller

Owned the original gopro and then bought the hero2. Was not happy about snapping a mount on my mountain bike and ultimately having the camera unclip from the mount on my ski...been at the bottom of the lake ever since. Never was real impressed with the first person video quality so I've never purchased another.


On a more positive note... the best quality (non professional) gopro video's I've ever seen were chesty mounts.

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Buy a suction cup mount but remember to tie your gopro to your boot so that you don't lose the camera if the suction cup mount falls off.


Other options are to buy the seat-post mount to attach to your handle.


The 3rd person view mounts are also great to have - www.wizmount.com


Have a look at my footage on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/skitrav or Instagram: skitrav which may help you to decide what mounts to buy.

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