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Style Question - Are You A Heavy Skier Or A Light Skier?


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I think this is an interesting topic, there are obviously different ways to get the job done. Some skiers ski lighter with greater efficiency while others even still in these days of ZO ski quite heavy by comparison. Now obviously body mass has a lot to do with it but its also technical. If you are heavy and ski heavy I'm not sure that there is a cure or a need for one..


Wim is a fine example of efficient skiing IMO



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I timed a few passes. Looks like 34. Looks easy but freak'n different. Soooo far down course all the time. The guy set a lot of records so I don't know.
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Schnitz always skis with a ball cap on. He could have been practicing running passes with a crappy gate or on a purposefully late line, or both. Andy used to practice starting from behind the boat at the entry gates. He probably still does. Good skiers think of stuff like that and do them on purpose. I do them too, just I do mine by accident, and usually at the worst possible moment.


I am not heavy for my height, I'm just short for my weight.


I have no idea whether I am light or heavy on the line. Someone would have to watch and tell me. Usually people in the boat are so busy correcting my form, style, energy level, ski set up and overall attitude that they don't get around to characterizations more specific than "Have you always skied like that?" or "Have you ever thought about golf? A lot of guys your age play."


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@Horton - Trying to be lighter by doing what? I also agree with the comments in another thread, Nate is often I think correctly described as light on the line but he still bends handles from time to time.


Contributing factors

- Rhythm

- Angle

- Intensity Of Load

- Duration

- Timing Of Load

- Speed through the turn

- Ski - Type, size & setup


Have I missed anything? Going back the video of SS above if he was running at a legit 34mph it might have made his job even easier unless of course he's on a big ski..

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