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skiing near Raeligh NC?


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@Ilivetoski since you have been there as a camper it would probably be worth reaching out to April and see if they can fit you in. Usually there is a bit of a cushion on lake 2 where they can squeeze someone in.
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OK - first post. I had to sign up to reply to this thread. Magnolia is fantastic. I'm also told that Coble is awesome (going there July 18).


Furthermore, everybody should know that we have a (free/open) ski club on Jordan Lake (15-20min from Raleigh) with a couple courses that we set up often. The Facebook club page is here:




John, who manages the page and email list, is very well connected with all the local places (including Magnolia & Coble). He is a fantastic point of contact for anybody in (or visiting) the area. PM me for his contact info. (If I don't reply right away, assume that I'm still waiting for my BallofSpray profile registration to be approved.)

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