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What?? That makes no sense.


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Ok so I'm at a horse track race listening to the announcers. Apparently they just use horse race lingo with a little, very little, education on terms tossed in. I am lost as most of the 2000 people here as they babble on. What is understood is the horse that comes in first and last, beer, crap load of food and a live Rock band so people stay. If it was not for the later items I think 90% of these people would leave. I'd really like to understand the terms and jargon tossed around.




1. get other things going on, lots of things, food..lots of different food, beer and a band if you want to get folks to stay at these "in front of the masses" tournaments.

2. Run side by side slalom courses if at all possible...loser is the skier that fell or missed fist...simple.

3. Do NOT announce in ski jargon if there's more public joes then tournament knowledgable.


Hint for US Open promoters if you're gonna use the same format as the last several years.

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