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Old skis like Jobe Open Class, Connelly HP, Kidder


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I have a 68" Connelly HP that I think was the original model in very good shape with a high wrap binding and RTP on it. It is mostly black with some straight multi-colored stripes on it. Let me know if you are interested.
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Rode some old skis for kicks. They are definitely not as stable, they are bulky and heavier. But surprisingly, across the board, they turn better and create more angle and space. It seems with the older skis, ZO doesn't hit as hard. Hmmm, could be onto something here!
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I have every ski I have purchased since 1974. Total of 13 skies I need to let go. I thought I was going to make a display for them but we are getting close to retirement and need to down size. No room for display now. The list from old to new (I think):

Obrien World Team Comp 64" (Green color) $25.00

EP Comp1 67" (Orange color) $25.00

Jobe Honeycomb 67" (Black) $25.00

Great American World Record 67" with Acusport Dynafoil adjustible wing. $25.00

KD 7000 67" (Black) $25.00

Duvall 68" (Black) $25.00

Connely Rocket 68" (Red) $25.00

HO CDX 20th anniv 70" $50.00 No Fin.

HO Truth 70" $50.00

HO Phantom Truth 67.5" $50.00

HO Phantom Carbon 70" $50.00 No Fin

GOODE 9500 69" (Very Used lots of holes drilled) $25.00

Fisher Yellow 67.91" With extra fin block, fin and Fisher screws. $300.00

My current ski is a 66" GOODE 9900 WR. Not for sale.

If you are interested in any of the above e-mail me at tomjsmothers@aol.com and I will give more ski condition detail and pictures.

Note: You will notice the skies got bigger every year because I got bigger over the years.


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