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HELP!!! D3 Quest Ski Size


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Hey Ballers!


It's that time and I'm trying new skis after being on a HO A2 for the past three seasons. I am a 36 MPH skier and my PB this season is 2 balls at 35 off. I am struggling with my off side on the A2.


I demoed a 67 and 68 D3 Quest Q45 and felt like the 67 was good. I didn't ski on it as well as my A2 but it's a new ski that I'm not use to. I got bent forward a few times off the ball on my on-side but felt the ski was very symmetrical from side to side.


I tried the 68 D3 Quest 45 and felt like it was extremely smooth and easy from wake to wake but hard to turn. I struggled to make my 28's.


I am very confused about which ski to go with (67 or 68 D3 Quest) and could use some input!!




About me:


206 lbs.

Left foot forward

PB 4@35off



67.5 HO A2

Reflex front Binding



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  • Baller

Both height and weight suggest 68" Quest to me. If it feels big run your boots slightly forward and fin forward.


I weigh 185 and 6' flat and I prefer a 68" at 32/35. When I get to 38/39 the turn radius seems too big so I ride. 67". But if I were a bit taller and heavier it may be different.


If you like smaller feeling skis you could run a 67" but my bet is 68"


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