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Tournament rules question.


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Two quick questions. What is the boat speed for different ages? (men) and to get awarded a full buoy, do you have to get back to the wake before the next boat guide or just back to the wake at any time?



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Minimum is 25kph (15.5mph) for all divisions.


Boys 1 49/(30.4) Girls 1 49/(30.4)

Boys 2 55/(34.2) Girls 2 52/(32.3)

Boys 3 58/(36.0) Girls 3 55/(34.2)

Men 1 58/(36.0) Women 1 55/(34.2)

Men 2 58/(36.0) Women 2 55/(34.2)

Men 3 55/(34.2) Women 3 55/(34.2)

Men 4 55/(34.2) Women 4 55/(34.2)

Men 5 55/(34.2) Women 5 52/(32.3)

Men 6 55/(34.2) Women 6 52/(32.3)

Men 7 52/(32.3) Women 7 49/(30.4)

Men 8 49/(30.4) Women 8 49/(30.4)

Men 9 49/(30.4) Women 9 46/(28.6)

Men 10 49/(30.4) Women 10 46/(28.6)

Men 11 46/(28.6) Women 11 46/(28.6)

Open Men 58/(36.0) Open Women 55/(34.2)

Masters Men 55/(34.2) Masters Women 55/34.2


Second question is yes you need to "return to the wake" before the next boat guides (actually get inside the line of the boat guides closest to the buoy.

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@Tdub You've got me curious why you are asking this. First tournament coming up? Or do you need to hit some particular score to qualify for something? Other?


(Naturally, you don't have to share your motivation with me, but usually a first-tournament skier isn't very concerned about such details, and a veteran has already learned those particular ones. So I became curious.)

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Thanks for asking @Than_Bogan. Actually I have not skied in a tournament in over 15 years. And even back then only a few. I guess I have forgotten some of the rules. Both by kids skied in their respective collegiate teams a few years back but since then I have let tourney skiing fall off the radar. We have a nice site and ski about four times a week so I still love the sport. In my mid sixties now and thinking about hitting a tournament or two. Did I just say mid sixties? Ouch! Heading out tonight for a sunset session since summer has taken its time getting here.
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@Tdub out four times a week, nice! Here is a link for the rule book. Don't let it intimidate you, most is stuff a slalom competitor needed worry about or doesn't apply. Just browse pages 44 to 62 and your good to go! Any questions just ask. And go to a tournament, have fun! As Warren would say, “If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”


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