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Whitney McClintock Clinic in Pleasant Grove (near Bell Aqua on 9/11)


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Sorry @Colebrah - I had to copy and paste for the one in the Sacramento area o:)


Hey Ballers!! We are also stoked to be able to host Whitney for a one day clinic at Pleasant Oak Waterski Club in Pleasant Grove (about a 15-minute drive from Bell Aqua where the ProAm and BOS Cash Prize Event will be! On Sunday 9/11/16 (the day after the CA ProAm finals) come ski and get coached by one of the best! 25 skiers max. $150 for 2 sets. Hurry and get your name in its filling up quick! Email me to sign up: bmurray@caiso.com


Also look for Whitney's next stop the following day on Monday 9/12 ... see @Colebrah 's post (hosted in Bakersfield)




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