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What foot forward is your coach - a cautionary tail


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One of the guys I ski with a lot has been working on his gate all year. To protect the innocent we will call him BWB. BWB and I both think gates are perhaps the hardest part of slalom. Recently someone new came to ski with us a few times. The new guy had some strong ideas about gates. BWB also recalled a pro skier we know promoting the same gate ideas. So for a few weeks BWB has been trying to learn the new gate but has been struggling.


On Friday BWB and I were again talking about the "new" gate and why it was not working out and then it occurred to us.... that pro skier and the new guy are both Left Foot Forward but BWB and I are Right Foot Forward. Back to drawing board.


RFF Gate LFF Gate

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The Adams are opposite foot forward to each other. One had to rethink things as he coached me and sometimes would say..better let the other Adam watch..or something like that. The other Adam had to prob as he was the same ff as me. I think there is a distinct management difference as to how each skier approaches a gate.
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