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MSN is out of Reflex shell and i was notified only 3 days after ordering that they were B.O. when i asked for a tracking number.

Since i lost my Reflex shell in the lake last friday i needed a replacement right away.

H2O proshop was a pleasure to deal with and after ordering a shell size 10 that was in the mail 1 hr after ordering Austin suggested that i should be on a size 8 shell (shoe size 10-10.5) he ran down to the post office and added a size 8 to my order without me asking...

Sent an e mail saying: ''Just try both and return the one you don't need!!!''


Kudos to H2Oproshop and Austin for great service!!!

Great proshop for all the northeast region and more!


My ski finish in 16.95 but my ass is out of tolerance!

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