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I skied behind the 2017 Txi


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I've been meaning to post this for weeks, I didn't see anyone else post about this so I hope I'm not being redundant. Our local Malibu dealer in Michigan does a "polar bear ski" event & he had a new closed bow Txi here in December 3rd. This was the standard model not the Malibu Open version. I skied behind it at 34mph on a 22 off rope in a dry suit, it was very cold, the water was fairly choppy and it was a free ski no buoys. So basically not a great way to test a boat but I was super pumped because info on the new Txi had been so scarce I felt like I broke into Fort Knox. I predict this will be a very popular boat. It looks gorgeous (this was a royal blue & black), spacious seating up front, low profile step to the back deck. To my eyes the pickle fork style front looks great. No carpet just that foam stuff on the floors. Nice cockpit, nice storage. I have a 2012 Txi and the attention to detail/craftsmanship on this boat is clearly superior & far more sophisticated than mine. But most importantly I believe the wake was noticeably softer. I didn't go nuts and get too aggressive because it was super cold & I didn't want to go swimming. But I took a few hard turns and even with bad water I believe the wake was appreciably softer than my 2012. I've skied behind a Nautique on my lake and in FL and to my recollection the 2017 Txi wake was comparable but softer than I remember on the Nautique. I don't go super short line (28 off is where I am currently) so I can't speak to you short line guys but from where I was I loved it. I don't believe it was a "placebo effect" of just being so pumped to be out there that my mind played tricks on me & I perceived it to be better that it really is... but it's certainly possible. Obviously getting into a course on good water would tell the tale via buoy count. But I can't say anything bad about this boat, I was impressed with everything about it & I applaud Malibu for the R&D effort & trying to innovate & make our sport better. Am I going to buy one? I don't think I have the $ for it right now (most important) plus I hesitate to be the 1st one on the block to buy the "latest & greatest" in anything. Something unforeseen might occur & this boat may not pan out (didn't that kind of happen with the redesigned prostar? Seems I've heard complaints of a hard wake & I know someone who regrets buying his). Plus I don't want to have the nicest boat on the lake until I'm running shorter line & it's me not my boat that's holding me back from that!
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