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$350 in Prizes! Radar, Bennetts Pro Shop, Amazon, and USawaterski!


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Fantasy drafts close at 8:00 am EST Thursday 10/19-make sure to complete your full roster of 18 skiers by then!


Freddie Winter has been added to MSPrizes for 1st through 8th:1st place: Radar Vapor Boa K Inside out Gloves2nd place: Bennetts Pro Shop Straightline Trick Spectra Mainline3rd place: $50 Amazon Gift Card4th place: Bennetts Pro Shop Straightline Stealth Jump Handle5th place: Radar Slalom Ski Neo Sleeve6th place: Bennetts Pro Shop Straightline 70' Jump Mainline7th place: Radar T-shirt8th place: Free 2018 USAwaterski MembershipFollow along and watch your team at http://www.ncwsa.com/webcast/2017nationals/utcgljfz3gof.png


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