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BRO’S WEEK with Matt Rini!


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Over the last 20 years I have traveled the world to do clinics and bring my coaching to people at their own lakes.  Most of the time I stay with the host and spend the entire time with them and some of the skiers at the clinic.  In this more intimate setting it makes me accessible for ‘think tank’ type conversations and digging deeper into how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  We talk about everything from technique, to ski set up, ski design, Zero Off strategies, fitness, nutrition, how to compete, planning and lots of other topics.  My vision with Bro’s week is to set up this type of setting here in Orlando to kick off the ski season.  6 Bros, 4 days of skiing, where we can have some fun; rip some turns and get a better understanding of slalom skiing.  I have always had the most success with students when I can explain concepts and help skiers see the big picture so they actually understand the WHY behind the instruction they hear.


Bro’s Week Includes

  • 2 lessons per day with Matt Rini behind the Nautique 200
  • Personalized equipment and ski set up
  • Demos from Performance Ski & Surf, let us know what you want to try
  • Front row seat of a pro ripping into 41 each day, everyone will get a seat in the boat for a pro skier
  • 3 Tech Talks including:
    • “Fin Whispering” (with Jay Poscente)
    • “Video Breakdown”
    • “Body Alignment”
  • Whit’s Warmup Session, how to get your body working and ready to ski
  • Shopping trip to Perf Ski & Surf, with discounts for Bros
  • Professional Photoshoot with Spencer Shultz- he will be in the water but not distracting to get some awesome photos
  • Apartment style resort accommodations
    • 4 nights: March 11-15 at a local resort
    • each Bro will get his own room and bathroom
    • with a shared kitchen & living space
  • Daily Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners
  • Airport Orlando MCO
    • pickup March 11 between 4-8pm
    • drop off March 15 between 4-8pm
  • Daily shuttle to and from the lake & Resort

 Goode  KD Skis ★ MasterCraft ★ PerfSki ★ Radar ★ Reflex ★ S Lines ★ Stokes

Drop a dime in the can


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Matt’s one of the best coaches in the business too. He takes something complicated and complex and says, “hey, do this” and it works. Then explains why all of the complicated, complex crap you’ve been trying to do are dictated by this piece of mechanics, or this movement, or this body position. I can’t make it this years bros week, but I want to be on the early bird list for next time
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