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Golfers Elbow


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I've suffered with Golfers elbow for the past 2 seasons. I've had it many times over the years but it typically hasn't stuck around like last year and this year. Last night I slept(passed out) with a barely snug ace bandage around my elbow and woke up to nearly no pain.


Most of the time its crazy painful in the morning.


Hope this helps others.



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  • Baller_



Do deep water start with both hands in overhand grip, then switch.


Focus on straight arms through the wake and don’t pull in with your arms/biceps.

The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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I'm fighting the same issue. Here are the things I've found and am trying.


1) Using an elbow wrap from CVS pharmacy

2) Just ordered a curved anti-roll handle with a larger diameter (currently at 1.00 moving to 1.060.

3) Reverse Tyler twists with Theraband (blue) to stretch tendons.

4) Ibuprofin


Given, I have not received the handle yet, but of the others I believe the Theraband is helping the most.

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For me, it's a clue that I'm not letting my arms go straight when crossing the wakes. A strap that goes just under the elbow eliminates the pain, but ultimately I should be letting my arms go straight. As soon as I let my arms go straight, the pain will eventually go away. I have the radius handle, which I really like, but I still get the golfers elbow if I bend my arms. So I agree with what MlSkier said.
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