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FlowPoint TV S6 E1: Behind the HO Curtain, Part 1


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To really live Life, you’ve gotta put yourself in situations that give you that feeling. We all know the feeling….its equal parts adrenaline, fear and excitement….wrapped up in a tortilla of being completely present. So present, in fact, that for those few fleeting moments, nothing else matters…the rest of the world melts away, and you’re completely free to be the purest expression of what it means to be You. That is the FlowPoint.


Now, to achieve that, you’ve gotta have the right toys. In our case, we’re talking about the best water sports products money can buy. To create the best possible products, you have to have passion. Without it, you lose your way pretty quickly, and can never sustain the curiosity needed to create breakthrough after breakthrough, year after year.


There’s a small team of people in the Pacific NorthWest, that have dedicated their lives to designing and creating the best water sports products on Earth. This story is their story….and its just the first half of a two-part series on what makes HO Sports the brand that everyone’s chasing.

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I really enjoyed this video - I'm the odd ball guy on this site that doesn't see a slalom course much, but my 3 boys and I ski every week during the season. - I don't have a huge skiing budget and I was really impressed that HO took the time to help me with my older closeout slalom skis that I picked up.


Even though I know this didn't directly hit there bottom line, they took the time to help. Right now we have all HO Stuff - 63" combo's, 67" combo's, 2014 TX, 2015 CX, 2017 TX.


I really appreciate HO (and Radar as well). Skiers helping skiers ! Great customer service.

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