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Any changes from 2018 to 19 for the HO Syndicate binding?


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Hi all, sorry I missed this thread from the weekend.

Only change for 2019 was updated toe hoop hardware.


We have not made the switch to 840 for a couple reasons. Firstly, we are very happy with the current release characteristics and longevity of the 750 design. Secondly and most importantly, the 840 was designed with differently shaped swing arms which changes the release properties when paired with the Syndicate Hardshell. Until we do more testing on it, we will not be changing our spec to the 840 and we do not recommend that users retrofit Syndicate Hardshells with the 840 at this time. Doing so would be at your own risk and void any remaining warranty. I hope this information helps!!

Sam Avaiusini - HO Sports Company - Director of Inside Sales and Business Operations

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