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  • Baller_

Aw yes seems this is PCM Achilles heal.

I had two new ones on the shelf (new old stock) and had a customer boat needing one. Both were failed.

You probably will have to bite the bullet and get the livorsi replacement and have a dealer update the ECM.

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  • Baller
a little off topic but I recently replaced engine in a 2007 SN with a new longblock and needed both a new ECM and potentiometer (new design). PCM says flash on new ecm should be ok w the new potentiometer. 3 hours on boat now, runs strong and "normal" but after a run on plane, will sputter and eventually die at idle. When fired back up will idle normally. If an Indmar, clearly would be a bad IAC valve, but on PCM there is no such part (that I can tell). Any thoughts? All fuel filters clean and new. any thoughts appreciated.
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