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The story behind @NotThePug


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We were camping at a Bel Acqua Lake 2 tournaent a few years ago with our three pug dogs. One of the dogs was a weird looking rescue named Duke.


I was getting ready to ski and there are a bunch of people around. Kevin Lee walks up and starts talking his usual amount of crap. "Who let dirt on this lake? I thought we voted to ban him. Maybe we should call the sheriff" etc.


I pointed to Duke and said I'm going to call that dog Kevin Lee from now on. Someone asked why and I said because he is nice but kind of annoying. Everyone has called that dog Kevin Lee since that day.


I was at Liquid Zone and people were talking about the new Nautique and whether it skied well or not. There was a debate going on and I said, "I skied behind Kevin Lee's Nautique the other night and it felt fine" Terry Winter kept a straight face with is usual matter of fact tone asked "your pug has a boat?" I said "not the pug." Everyone started laughing. The name has stuck and many people call Kevin Lee NotThePug.








Not The Pug



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