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Attention Ontario Skiers, (especially newbies.)


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On Friday, June 7 we are hosting a very casual slalom tournament at McClintocks Ski Club near Cambridge for the beginner to advanced 35+ skier. Originally, the thought was for a fun tournament for parents of the competitive kids but it has since morphed into a fun intro to tournaments for the adults.


The link to register is:




All rules are negotiable.


These are the rules:


Rule 1. There are no rules.

Rule 2. Only Men and Women over age 35 can participate. There are no age divisions.

Rule 3: All skiers will be guaranteed a minimum of FOUR passes per round. Skiers who complete their

fourth pass will have their speed increased by 3 km/h for a fifth and any additional successful


Rule 4: See rule 1.

Rule 5: Proper swimwear is recommended but not required. Approved safety vests are mandatory.

Rule 6: Skiers may choose to ski at any speed, with or without gates, half-course, full

course, and have the option to change any of these with each pass.

Rule 7: See Rule 1.

Rule 8: Anyone running into the 9.75 meter line will be disqualified.

Rule 9: The wearing of a Kilt, Speedo or Mullet is strictly prohibited.

Rule 10: See Rule 1.

Other rules may be applied at the discretion of the organizers. Judging will be subjective and


There may be prizes, maybe not.

Non-alcoholic beverages will be available

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Thanks, sounds perfect for our club. I'm not sure I can commit, as I'm starting to deal with a hernia, so not sure about skiing until further diagnosis. Will pass along to our club at our course install night.
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Wish i was closer!!!

That's the kind of event that could bring new crowd to regular tournament!

Sounds really fun and not stressful.

@Jordan and @andjules you guys and others from Toronto area should go!

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@Laz thanks for reminder. I just registered, and know 3 or 4 of us are attending. Looking forward to it! We're skiing tomorrow night, if the weather finally cooperates, and will try to convince others to join.
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