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  • Baller

Guys, I'm riding a 68" Arc-S with the current settings: Bindings 30.25, FL 6.935, FD 2.455, DFT .76 and wing at 7. Currently it hunts for an edge like nothing I've ever been on and at times I will get what I call tip bite at the latter part of my preturn. My first thought was bindings forward to reduce the edge hunting but, I fear that will result in more tip bite. I'm not new to slalom but I am new to setup/tuning these things. Any help would be appreciated.


Oh, I'm 6'2" 195 - 200, run -28 @34.

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  • Baller_

I ran a 68" ARC for about a year. Great ski. In checking my notes, I also had gate hunting issues with the long/shallow settings, but much of the hunting issue is due to too much weight on the back foot - consciously put ALL your weight on the front foot and it should reduce. You can also move your bindings forward and see how feels.


You could also try short/deep settings. I ended up at:

30 3/8





If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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