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PNW Ballers (Greater Seattle area) , Broho's Class C events are this weekend June 1/2

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Tournament season in Washington State starts this weekend at the Broho Lake Waterski Park. It's 3 rounds per day, with a H2H final round on Sunday. Friday morning is a first-aid/CPR class for anyone interested, with Practice Friday afternoon until dusk. For people new to the course, enter the Grassroots division and get 4 passes per round guaranteed for $20. Juniors/College entries are 1/2 price. Saturday dinner BBQ included. We'll have a 2019 Correct Craft and a 2019 MC Prostar as tow rigs. Guaranteed to please or your money back !
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Looked like an awesome time and great weather today Richard. Wish I could have hung out longer but nice to finally meet you and some of the nice folk. Middle of the night medical condition woke me up please excuse the post time hah.
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