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Horton Horton

Yard Sale


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  • Baller_

2 2006 HO Monzas 67 just a few rides on each but only 1 fin box. 150.00


65.25 Goode N1 New in 16 500.00


Med rear Wiley brand new rebuild on HO plate 65.00

Right front Vapor (1 season) 100.00


Radar pink adjust RTP New 20.00


HRT BOA (6 sets) 80.00


Radar Lyric small 25.00








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  • Baller

I suppose it really doesn't matter but for the sake of accuracy those are not 2006 Monzas. The 2006 was red top and bottom with black graphics on top and bottom as shown in this photo. The 2005 Monza was black with red graphics so maybe those are 2005s. AFAIK, the exact same ski as the '06, just with different graphics.


I skied on a '06 for years and loved it. I think they were great skis and I hope they find a good home with someone who will enjoy skiing on them as much as I did mine.



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