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For sale - In Tow slalom mainline


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Selling a almost brand new In Tow slalom mainline.

It has only been used for one set.

Mainline has been special ordered in all black with line length markers and 4” loops to fit Malibu pylons.

It comes with the In Tow “rope caddy” and sections from 15’off through 38’off.

Asking $95 shipped to the lower 48’s.











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It felt too stiff for me.

(Used to ski a ML optimized rope which feels more forgiving)

Thought I might give it a try after reading of many people liking it.



It’s really not that bad. Just shorten one section a time. ;)

To be honest, my wife accidentally shortened me once from -28 to -35 with my old (also all black) rope.

So, yes, boat crew needs to pay a bit more attention, I get that...

...and that my color choice is probably a deal breaker for most here.

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@DavidN Makes sense that an In Tow rope would feel more stiff than an ML optimized rope. And yes, that all black color selection is likely going to cause you to have to discount more to sell it. Although, for those of us who played rugby and revere the New Zealand All Blacks, an all black rope could be appealing on that count.
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