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Radar Union binding settings?

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I have been skiing on my union for 1 or 2 months now. The bindings I have on it are connelly talon on the front and a HO RTP. I couldn't find any information on there we'd site so I put them in the middle holes. It's about 17 inches to the RTP and 32.5 on the front one. They feel ok, but sometimes I feel like they are to far forward.
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The Senate is based off the Vapor + 0.1 inch on either side (overall width is 0.2” wider than the Vapor). The Union is based off the Senate with the same math (+0.2 inch).

That said, they are different skis. The 2019 67 Vapor Bf (front boot distance from tail) is 30 1/8 and the 67 Senate is 30 1/2 (if we go with standard Long/Shallow setup which is all we're given for the Senate of that year).

Now, the 67 Union, stock from factory with Radar Prime front boot in the “Center Hole” reads 31 1/4 Bf. So if I were to extrapolate the difference from Vapor to Senate to give us Senate to Union numbers, I’d just add 3/8’s. I haven’t messed with my Union to see if the boot will go that far back, but if it does, I’d bet that will be as far as she goes. The next thing you’re going to run into is that the Union has a fixed fin. It moves forward or back in (+/-) 1/8” (0.125) increments. When you consider that you can feel (not a ton) a 0.005” movement in an adjustable fin, 0.125 is a mile.

So, the Union is a super fun ski. Move the boot, see if you like it better. Move the fin, see what that does for you. It’s just skiing, go have fun.

Or, I’ll sell you this 67” fire breather



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