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New Boat Path Guidance System Approved


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April 1, 2022- Bakersfield, CA


Today the consortium boat path monitoring systems of SurePath, SkiPath and SplashEye announce a joint venture with Invisible Technologies, Inc. and Sports Leather, Corp to co-develop technology solutions for boat path guidance.


“The combination of the boat tracking systems along with the long history of the Invisible Fence makes the perfect alert system for this emerging technology. The addition of a genuine soft leather collar from Sports Leather should make the boat path correction process something drivers can work with all day long.” In addition, the technology reduces the concerns around COVID-19 by helping assure the driver and boat judge maintain a safe-distance.


The synergy will provide Invisible Fence additional WiFi technology to increase the maximum coverage area for their pet containment systems. Coupled with GPS technology gives pet owners more control and security to both keep their pet in the yard as well as locate their pet if they escape the installed system.


John Horton, owner of Ball of Spray, the leading online waterski forum says, “I’ve tested the technology and I’m impressed by how the collar provides immediate correction while keeping your hands free to make steering adjustments. The increasing intensity has made me a better driver. I’m sure the stylish collar designs will be popular across the whole country.”


Sports Leather, Corp is excited to expand their options of physical stimuli for their customers.


ShockPath will be available April 1, 2022.

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