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Which ski would you defend?


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On 1/24/2023 at 12:29 AM, aupatking said:

White and pink extreme changed me. 

T3 (Mapple/Lapoint) did everything right

@mike_mappleI still need the numbers from your dad’s notebook on the Proto T3 I’ve got

current Ski D3 NRG R2. I sold it to a guy and then bought it back. I’ll never sell it again

Unfortunately I am not giving any numbers that are from his notebooks to anyone. Ive read thru them all and have either decided to digitize some, or burn the others.


You could reach out to Radar to see if they have some numbers for you however, Or Kris Lapoint as the only original T3 without the changes Kris input is sat in my room right now, or at least that is how it is supposed to be.

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Performance Ski and Surf 




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