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WaterSki Video Coaching: FPM Member Samantha Kennedy | FPM Podcast #11


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This week we are sharing a Video Coaching lesson with one of our FPM Members Sam Kennedy.
0:00 - Intro
0:12 - 3 Basics Sam has been working on
0:33 - Press Play
1:16 - Drifting in on Gates
1:25 - Difference between 2 separate 22'offs
3:15 - Efficient Acceleration = Speed
5:30 - TRIM THEORY: Falling off the back of the ski
7:25 - Gates: transition to Gate Glide
9:00 - Gates Cont'd - Body Position & Placement in Gate Glide
11:00 - Benefit of Nailing the Gate: Acceleration Zone

Often, Video Coaching is one of the easiest and best ways to get direct feedback that can actually make a difference in your skiing.  One of the best aspects of FPM Video Coaching is it gives you consistency in feedback, so you can start to work towards a couple of key fundamentals, over a longer period of time, without getting too many different coaching ideas thrown at you.

By sticking with one methodology, and spending some time working on your 2 or 3 weakest links, you have an incredible opportunity to make significant change in your skiing, over the course of weeks.

For more info, leave a comment below and we can get you more information on FPM Video Coaching!


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