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Leave it to the Aussies


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8 hours ago, DW said:

If you get the chance to attend one of these races, they are very cool, boats are really fast and the racing is close.

I watched the Sail GP Saturday and Sunday when it was here in New Zealand. Amazing machines. The fleet of 9 were doing around 80kph in 26-28kph breeze! Lyttelton harbour is surrounded by hills on 3 sides so I was sitting up there getting a great view of the race course. The yacht's initially didn't look that fast, partially due to absence of any wake wash, until saw the chase boats struggling to keep up and leaving long wakes. Very impressive racing sometimes approaching in opposite directions and leaving a gap of only a metre. The starts too, arriving at the start line doing 60-80kph and within 0.2 seconds of perfect timing. Mad skills! 

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